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I established this blog in May 2021, one year into my journey as a Full Stack Engineer. My day-to-day job provides a continuous stream of unusual and interesting software engineering problems. In this blog, I intend to break some of them down, so that you, the readers, can learn something new and grow along with me.

What do I write about?

TLDR: JavaScript, TypeScript, Rust, cars

As a Full Stack engineer in Vortexa, I am responsible for building out various interfaces for our customers to ingest the data. The company uses React as the framework for developing frontend applications, and it just so happens that this one is my favourite (sorry to all Angular fans). The content I intend to put out here will mostly relate to tips, tricks and best practices in developing React-based applications.

As some of you may have already guessed, my tech stack includes JavaScript with TypeScript. I have recently started playing with Rust, and my goal is to write a few pieces about it in the not too distant future.

Automotive engineering is one of my greatest passions. What this means is that you can expect an occasional article in which I drool over a newly released car or some cool technology it uses.

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