Pawel Pietruszka
A full stack developer based in London, 🇬🇧
About me

Hi, I'm Pawel!


As an engineer by profession and an artist by heart, I aim to combine these two skillsets in order to make websites that looks amazing and function reliably in all conditions.

My role model is Enzo Ferrari, the man behind the famous car brand, who back in his time built the world's most beautiful, innovative and fast cars.

My portfolio

COVID-19 Twitter Feed

The feed was built to get the idea of just how many Tweets about Coronavirus are being posted at any given time.
The app draws on my previous knowledge of WebSockets and taps into the Twitter API to obtain the stream of tweets. The front end was build with Vanilla HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

Click here to visit the Feed!

twitter javascript HTML5 CSS3 Node express
vapour logo


Vapour is a social gaming platform where users can play single and multiplayer games, as well as communicate via chat.
Vapour was created using the MERN stack, with Redux used for client-side state management. It utilises WebSockets to enable 1-to-1 chat and a discussion forum for logged in users. Vapour also implements a face recognition AI to create custom avatars. The collection of games includes Snake, Pong, Asteroids, and more!

Click here to visit Vapour!

javascript HTML5 CSS3 Node React Redux express Passport phaser
TownCrunchr logo


TownCrunchr is a web-based application simplifying house searching for Londoners!
TownCrunchr calculates top 3 locations in London based on salary, target rent, and desired public transportation accessibility (data available at
The platform was designed and built with a React frontend, using a combination of custom and Material-UI components. Data about boroughs is accessed from a REST API built entirely from scratch.

Click here to visit TownCrunchr!

javascript HTML5 CSS3 Node React Redux express

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